Welcome to Sinjhuang Elementary School

Established in 1923, Sinjhuang Elementary School stands as a beacon of educational excellence, proudly framed by our majestic, century-old camphor trees. Our tradition of excellence has been nurturing minds for generations.

We are honored to have been awarded the 2014 Silver Award for Teaching Excellence. Further, our commitment to holistic education was recognized in 2017 when we were named a Featured Life Education School. These accolades highlight our unwavering dedication to quality education.

Our mission is to cultivate joyful and innovative learners who thrive in both health and happiness, preparing them to be conscientious global citizens.

In our curriculum, we emphasize:

Our educational approach nurtures key strengths in our students, focusing on:

Join Our Journey: Sinjhuang Elementary School is more than just an institution; we are a community dedicated to shaping a brighter future. Discover our programs and be part of our vibrant journey!







加入我們的旅程: 新庄國小不僅僅是一所學校;我們是一個致力於創造更美好明天的社群。探索我們的課程,成為我們充滿活力的旅程的一部分!