Sinjuang Elementary School 介紹新庄國小

Welcome to Sinjuang Elementary School. We've been around since 1923, and we're proud of our history and traditions. We believe in making learning fun. Our students learn to be smart and happy. We have tech and bilingual classes, so our students learn about computers and how to speak two languages. We want every kid to learn in their own special way. We encourage creativity with computers and thinking of new ideas. We also prioritize staying healthy and being nice to others. Our students learn about different places and cultures, and we emphasize being kind to others. Join our big family at Sinjuang Elementary School and see what fun things we do.

Vocabulary: be proud of 對...感到自豪/ history 歷史/ tradition 傳統/ believe 相信/ smart 聰明的/ tech 科技/ bilingual 雙語的/ computer 電腦/ language 語言/ encourage 鼓勵/ creativity 創意/ prioritize 以...為優先/ stay 保持/ healthy 健康的/ different 不同的/ culture 文化/ emphasize 強調