Track and Field Team 新庄田徑隊

Hello, little champions!

Today, we're talking about our superstars - the Sinjuang Elementary School track and field team! This team is amazing. They run fast, jump high, and throw far. They are a group of students just like you, who love sports and teamwork.

Even when it's cold outside during winter break, they still practice really hard. They want to be the best they can be. And guess what? Their hard work pays off!

For many years, our team has done great things. They have won races, jumped over the highest bars, and thrown balls really far. It's a tradition here, a special part of our school that makes us all proud.

This wouldn't be possible without our wonderful coach and teachers. They teach our team how to be strong, fast, and smart on the field. They show them how to work together and support each other. Because of them, our students shine bright in track and field.

We are so proud of our team. They show us what it means to work hard and never give up. Go, Sinjuang stars! Keep running, jumping, and throwing. We are cheering for you!

Vocabulary: champion 冠軍/ superstar 超級巨星/ track and field team 田徑隊/ amazing 很棒的/ throw 投擲/ group 群體/ teamwork 團隊合作/ still 依然/ practice 練習/ pay off 有回報/ bar 橫桿/ tradition 傳統/ pround 感到自豪的/ possible 有可能的/ wonderful 很棒的/ coach 教練/ field 操場/ support 支持/ each other 彼此/ because of 由於/ shine 閃閃發亮/ give up 放棄/ cheer 加油








Track and Field 認識田徑

Track and field is a sport with running, jumping, and throwing.  田徑是一種包含了跑步、跳躍與投擲的運動。

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